Gray Wolf
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Gray Wolf

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Keeping Wolves out of Harm's Way
Defenders of Wildlife is working on the ground with ranchers, biologists and federal land managers to save the lives of wolves. These non-lethal methods are keeping wolves away from livestock and out of harm's way.

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Gray wolf recovery could be one of America's best wildlife conservation success stories – but only if we see it through. Learn about gray wolves’ long road to recovery and why we need to continue fighting to keep them protected.

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Defenders’ overarching goal is to have multiple, resilient wolf populations thriving throughout their former habitat. We will keep pressing for restoration and recovery in unoccupied areas suitable for wolves and for continued progress and facilitation of natural dispersal in areas where recovery is underway.

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Defenders was the first wildlife organization to call for the return of gray wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Read more about wolves in this region and the story of their return.

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This guide covers nonlethal tools, methods and strategies that work to prevent livestock losses in regions where wolves live. It also includes examples of successful solutions devised by livestock producers, agency managers and researchers.

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Learn about our project that combines a wide variety of nonlethal tools nad methods to keep wolves away from livestock.

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