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More Than 500 Scientists Call on White House to Halt Plans to Drill in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

(03/20/2001) - WASHINGTON -- More than 500 leading U.S. and Canadian scientists called on President Bush today to stop trying to change the law that prohibits oil extraction in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The letter urged President Bush to "support permanent protection of the coastal plain’s significant wildlife and wilderness values."

Babbitt Manassas Visit Highlights Upcoming Land Legislation

(09/23/1999) - Conservationists say that Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt’s visit to the Manassas National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virginia, today highlights an historic opportunity to preserve not only Civil War sites but also invaluable lands, wildlife, and coastal areas elsewhere in the region and the nation.

"President Clinton, Interior Secretary Babbitt, and some legislators in both parties are presenting the country with an historic opportunity to protect the nation’s most valuable but unprotected natural and

Congress Called on to Pass Legislation for to Protection of Delmarva Fox Squirrel

(09/09/1999) - Annapolis, MD - Today, GREEN along with Defenders of Wildlife, Anne Arundel Sierra Club, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, Maryland Interfaith Coalition for the Environment, and Maryland PIRG, released "Saving America's Geography of Hope: Why Congress Must Protect Our Land and Ocean Legacy." The report profiles the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge and habitat for the Delmarva fox squirrel as well as more than 40 other special places that could be protected if Congress passes strong conservation funding legislation.

Senate Vote Ends Longstanding Debate Over the National Wildlife Refuge System

(09/09/1997) - Washington D.C.-- The U.S. Senate today ended a longstanding debate over the future of the National Wildlife Refuge System by approving legislation outlining management of the system's more than 500 refuges. By voice vote the Senate took up and passed a slightly amended version of the House-passed National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act, H.R. 1420.

New Rule Conserves Carnivores on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska

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New Rule Conserves Carnivores on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska

WASHINGTON (August 3, 2016) – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) posted a final rule today prohibiting Alaska from applying its “predator control” program to National Wildlife Refuge System lands in the state.


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