National Wildlife Refuges

President's Budget Plays Shell Game as Wildlife, Lands Continue to Fall Behind

(02/05/2007) - Washington, D.C. -- The budget released today by President Bush proposes major cuts in the Land and Water Conservation Fund, zeroes out funding for land owner incentive programs, cuts endangered species conservation and shortchanges wildlife refuges, thereby leaving our nation's wildlife resources in increasing jeopardy, according to Defenders of Wildlife.

Bush Administration Waives Environmental Laws to Build Border Fence on Goldwater Range

Decision Overrides Local Manager’s Decision to Build Vehicle Barrier

(01/17/2007) - Washington, DC -- The Bush administration has decided to ignore the harmful impacts on wildlife, including the endangered Sonoran pronghorn, and waive all environmental and historic preservation laws to build a controversial double-layered fence along Arizona's Barry M. Goldwater Range. The decision abuses the 2005 "REAL ID" law and paves the way for severe and unnecessary environmental damage, according to Defenders of Wildlife.


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