Habitat Conservation

When habitats are threatened, so are the animals who live there.

Obama administration to broaden sage grouse conservation efforts

Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management to update land-use plans with sage grouse protections


Washington Wildlife Commission Approves Wolf Recovery Plan

State will manage for long-term, sustainable wolf population

OLYMPIA, Wash. (12/05/2011) -

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the state’s final wolf recovery plan on Saturday, charting a course toward the long-term sustainability of its growing wolf population.

The following is a statement from Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife:


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Species at Risk
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DOI endorses bad Wyoming wolf plan

USFWS pursues premature delisting based on inadequate state management plan


Yellowstone bison may find new tribal homes

Relocation plan could help Montana tribes restore conservation herds


Burrowing Owl

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Burrowing Owl
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Fact Sheet
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Burrowing Owl, © Pat Ulrich
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Burrowing Owl, © Scott Anderson
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Fact Sheet
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The burrowing owl is endangered in Canada, threatened in Mexico, and a species of special concern in Florida and most of the western USA. It is a state-endangered species in Colorado. Burrowing owls are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

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Burrowing Owl
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Height: About 10 inches.
Weight: Average is about 6 ounces.
Unlike most owls in which the female is larger than the male, the sexes of the burrowing owl are the same size.

Burrowing owls are distributed from the Mississippi to the Pacific and from the Canadian prairie provinces into South America. They are also found in Florida and the Caribbean islands. Burrowing owls have disappeared from much of their historic range.

In the Field: (Prairie) Dog Days Of Summer

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Defenders team makes the trek to Thunder Basin to relocate prairie dogs for second year in a row.

Controversial solar power plant challenged by conservation groups

Conservation groups urge Interior Department to move the Calico Solar Project to less sensitive lands

Washington (08/25/2011) -

A coalition of conservation groups made a last-ditch appeal to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar today, urging the Bureau of Land Management to move the Calico Solar Project from vital desert habitat to degraded lands that could produce the same amount of energy, but pose less risk to imperiled wildlife and the environment.

Sea otter conservation coalition endorses renewal of U.S. Fish and Wildlife's effort to recover California's southern sea otter

Feds Propose to End the No-Otter Zone

MONTEREY, Calif. (08/17/2011) - A coalition of organizations welcomed news that California’s struggling sea otters may soon get a big boost thanks to a draft plan released by federal wildlife officials today that would end a controversial “no-otter” zone on the California coast and allow the marine mammals to re-colonize their traditional habitat.


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