Habitat Conservation

When habitats are threatened, so are the animals who live there.

Big Oil, bad decisions: Coast Guard report sheds more light on Shell’s shenanigans in Alaska

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by Haley McKey

On April 3, the Coast Guard released a report on its investigation of the grounding of the Kulluk, Shell’s Arctic drill rig, on New Year’s Eve in 2012. What it found is upsetting - but unfortunately, not unexpected.

There’s a new kitten in town: Baby Ocelot brings hope to struggling population in Texas refuge

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Ocelot, Photo: Tony Hisgett/ Wikimedia Commons
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by Eva Sargent

The new kitten in Texas has a special place in our hearts because several years ago Defenders helped revegetate habitat needed by ocelots in Texas and worked to stop the Border Patrol from removing vegetation and installing huge lighting arrays, which would have fragmented habitat and potentially disrupted ocelot behavior. These days, we continue to work to protect ocelots and jaguars as they struggle to recolonize their habitat in the U.S.

Refuges Before Rockets

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Piping Plover, © Melissa Groo

Prairie-chicken plan stirs debate

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March 18, 2014
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Lesser Prairie Chicken, © Joel Sartore
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Defenders In the News

Defenders Report: Federal Conservation Plans Would Fail to Conserve Greater Sage-grouse

Analysis of draft plans released under National Greater Sage-grouse Planning Strategy finds inadequate conservation measures for sage-grouse

California’s Rim Fire: Opportunities Rise from the Ashes

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by Pamela Flick

After California's devastating Rim Fire, will officials take the opportunity to give nature a chance to fully recover?

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On The Front

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U.S. Capitol ©iStockphoto.com/diademimages

by Mary Beth Beetham

Early this month, the U.S. House of Representatives literally waged a week-long war on wildlife and wildlands, passing three anti-wildlife bills.

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