Habitat Conservation

When habitats are threatened, so are the animals who live there.

Federal Judge Rules That Cattle Grazing on Public Lands Prompting Buffalo Slaughter Should Be Halted

(05/13/2002) - WASHINGTON, D.C. – United States Magistrate Judge John Facciola today ruled that livestock grazing on the Horse Butte allotment near Yellowstone Park that has prompted continued slaughter of Yellowstone’s buffalo should be temporarily halted. In a fifteen-page opinion, Judge Facciola ruled that the Forest Service had violated the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to do any environmental analysis before re-issuing a 10-year grazing permit on December 19, 2000 for the Horse Butte

Environmental Groups Report Public Lands Funding Gap

(05/08/2002) - WASHINGTON – Citing major shortfalls in funding for public lands, Defenders of Wildlife and other national environmental groups today released This Land Is Our Land: Saving America’s Natural Heritage and called on Congress to increase funding for wildlife and wildlands.

The report highlights 18 on-the-ground examples that demonstrate how funding cuts and shortfalls in important natural resource programs are undermining protection of imperiled and declining

Court Rejects Lawsuit Against National Monuments: Rebuts Challenge to Six Clinton-Era Monuments

(11/16/2001) - WASHINGTON -- U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman dismissed a lawsuit challenging President Clinton's application of the Antiquities Act of 1906 and reaffirmed the presidential power to establish national monuments to protect public lands with significant natural values.


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