Black-Footed Ferret

Black-footed ferrets eat, sleep and raise their young in prairie dog burrows, and spend about 90% of their time underground.

Banishing Plague from the Prairie

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Vaccinating prairie dogs may be the key to saving rare black-footed ferrets

By Sharon Oosthoek

© Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski

Prairie Species Safer From Poisons

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issues new conservation measures to protect imperiled prairie wildlife from poisoning with Rozol prairie dog bait.


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Defenders prairie dog expert Jonathan Proctor gets an award from the U.S. Forest Service for his outstanding work to save the species across the Great Plains.

Wild Birds Gain Protections from Poisoning by Deadly Pesticide

Supreme Court denies Big Agriculture’s attempt to overturn EPA decision on carbofuran

In May 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case challenging a 2009 decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which mandated that as of December 31, 2009 no domestically grown food crop could be grown with carbofuran, a highly toxic chemical that has killed millions of wild birds.

In the Field: (Prairie) Dog Days Of Summer

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Defenders team makes the trek to Thunder Basin to relocate prairie dogs for second year in a row.

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up

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by Melanie Gade

Gray Wolves Love California... That's Why They've Come Home; 20 Year Old DNA Gives Much Needed Genetic Diversity to Endangered Ferrets; Mountain Lion’s Death in Southern California Underscores Need for More Highway Wildlife Crossings; Polar Bears and Oil Spills; Help Ensure Elephants Are Fully Protected in the U.S

Home on the Prairie

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by Steve Forrest

In June, Defenders representatives worked on the American Prairie Reserve to expand prairie dog colonies. We wanted to make new habitat more prairie dog friendly, to encourage prairie dogs to move into this new area, and to protect the growing colony from plague.

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Reflecting on 2014

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by Defenders of Wildlife

We're proud to announce our success stories of 2014, all of which wouldn't have been possible without your dedication and support.

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