Wild Holiday Gifts

Defenders’ gear or symbolic wildlife adoptions make perfect gifts for the holidays! Start shopping for the wildlife lover on your list.

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Chasing Eyeshine

Every fall on the prairie, black-footed ferret chasers take to the field to study these nocturnal creatures.

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Help Stop the Lies

An anti-wolf group is running these billboards to incite fear. Help us counter this propaganda by spreading the truth about wolves!

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A new report confirms that red wolves will need a lot more help from agencies and conservation advocates to help them recover.
San Joaquin Kit Fox, © Kevin Schaefer / Minden Pictures
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But with fewer than 7,000 left, the San Joaquin kit fox can’t outrun the habitat destruction, oil leasing, pesticides and climate change problems that are taking a toll.
Support Our Work
A symbolic adoption helps save real animals in the wild.
Fact Sheet
Mexican gray wolves once numbered in the thousands and roamed the wilds of the southwest. But today, after a century of persecution, only a few remain in the wild.