A Tragic New Record

Last year, 25 critically endangered Florida panthers fell victim to motorists. Please join our fight to protect these majestic cats.

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Celebrating the Return

Twenty years ago, gray wolves were returned to the wild in Yellowstone National Park.

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More Room for Whales

Thanks to a new agreement, the endangered North Atlantic right whale is one step closer to safer waters.

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A symbolic adoption helps save real animals in the wild.
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This unusual grizzly traveled 2,800 miles! But what really sets her apart (and gives us hope) is that she managed to avoid any conflict with people.
San Joaquin Kit Fox, © Kevin Schaefer / Minden Pictures
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But with fewer than 7,000 left, the San Joaquin kit fox can’t outrun the habitat destruction, oil leasing, pesticides and climate change problems that are taking a toll.
Canada Lynx, © Jean Pierre Grosemans
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The lynx is a medium-sized cat characterized by its long ear tufts and short (bobbed) tail with a black tip. It has unusually large paws that act as snow shoes in very deep snow and its thick fur and long legs make it appear larger than it really is.