Idaho is paying this federal agency to help decimate the state’s wolf population. Demand that Wildlife Services stand down!
© Chris Behrend
red-eyed tree frog, © Jeffrey Coulter
Many amphibians are on a steep decline. But one project is racing to preserve some of these species before we lose them forever.
© Jeffrey Coulter
USFWS may walk away from red wolf recovery efforts! Tell them to give these endangered wolves a fighting chance at survival.
© Corbis

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Gray wolves, © Jeffrey Vest
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It takes an entire community to learn to coexist with wildlife, and help native species reclaim their place in an ecosystem.
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Burrowing owls are so named because they live underground in burrows that have been dug out by small mammals like ground squirrels and prairie dogs.
Karner blue, © USFWS
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All butterflies look dainty and delicate, but the strikingly beautiful and endangered Karner blue measures only an inch across — about the size of a postage stamp — and lives only about a week.
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