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Give Mom a gift that gives back – our wildlife adoptions aren’t just cute, they also help protect real animals in the wild.

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Double Your Gift!

Every day brings fresh horrors from anti-wildlife forces. Help fight for wolves and other wildlife today, and your gift will be matched!

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Congress vs. Wildlife

Blocking protections for imperiled species. Trying to sell off public lands. What's wrong with this Congress?

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Honeybee,  © Michael Durham / Minden Pictures

Pollinator Predicament

Keeping the world abuzz and blooming is crucial 
to biodiversity and our own food supply.

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A symbolic adoption helps save real animals in the wild.
Gray Wolf, © Angelique Rea
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Using methods and tools both new and old, some ranches do business by protecting the local wildlife as well as their livestock. Here’s the story of one such ranch.
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There have been many victories under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) over the years. But quite a few did not come because our government did the right thing. They came because conservation groups like Defenders saw the government was failing to comply with the law and used the tool of last resort: the courts.
Endangered Species Act
Wildlife is once again at a crossroads, and the need to speed up recovery efforts could not be more urgent.